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Post by flyer2359x on Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:51 pm

Create a new topic with the following title:
[Gamertag] Dispatch Application [MM/DD/YY]
San Andreas Mounted Police Dispatch Certification

SAMP Dispatch are temporarily NOT accepting applicants. Please stay active for an announcement anytime.

Job Qualifications:
- Ability to handle chaotic situations and maintain self stress
- A certified SAMP officer
- Ability to transmit well
- An regularly active member of SAMP (patrols, forums)
- Have attended at least 6 patrols on the police team

Copy and Paste the entire application below in the code box, and submit it here (on the division forum page, making a new topic.)
[center][b][size=18][color=#3333ff]Application to become a SAMP Dispatcher[/color][/size][/b][/center]

[center][color=#cc3333]1)[/color] [b]Gamertag[/b]:

[color=#cc3333]2)[/color] [b]What is your current position?[/b] :

[color=#cc3333]2)[/color] [b]Do you have any previous dispatch work, if so, how much?[/b] :

[color=#cc3333]3)[/color] [b]On a scale of 1-5, how good are your communication skills?[/b] :

[color=#cc3333]4)[/color] [b]How do you handle stressful times?[/b] :

[color=#cc3333]5)[/color] [b]How many patrols have you attended on the police team?[/b] :

[color=#cc3333]6)[/color] [b]Why should we grant you as a dispatcher? (explain in detail, and a decent explanation)[/b] :

[color=#cc3333]7)[/color] [b]What can you bring to us as a dispatcher?[/b] :

[color=#ff3333][u]Below for SAMP Superior Dispatcher to complete:[/u][/color]
[b]Feedback [/b]:
[b]When[/b] : [M/D/Y - EST Time]
[b]Superior Unit Number[/b] :

- Title it: Dispatch Application
- Post your responses after each colon

Await your feed back within 48 hours by checking back on your application. Please be patient, meaning do not spam or ask a staff member about the application or it will be immediately denied.

Any questions not concerning your application feedback can be sent threw our Questions Forum.


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