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[CLOSED] Air Support Application Empty [CLOSED] Air Support Application

Post by flyer2359x on Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:57 pm

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[Gamertag] ASU Application

What is your Gamertag?*

What rank are you?*

Honestly, how good do you think you are at flying a helicopter?*

What helicopter are you most comfortable flying?*

Why do you want to join the SAMP Aviation Department? *Minimum of 45 words**

What can you bring to the SAMP Aviation Department? *Minimum of 30 Words**

If you had to land a UH-60 Black Hawk onto a roof, how would you do so?

What would be an instance in which you would need to go to the airport and get a helicopter to use?
Do not contact any member of admin or moderation about your application, will result in immediate rejection.

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